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Advanced Sculpting
₣ 1840
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April 1, 2018
Class Begins On
April 1, 2018
Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin is widely known as the father of modern sculpture--more concerned with conveying character and emotion in his works than with creating realistic depictions. Over the course of his 50-year career, Rodin created thousands of sculptural pieces, and over 7,000 drawings, paintings, and prints. For his prolific work and trailblazing sculptural style, he was awarded the Légion d'Honneur, a museum dedicated to his works, and decades of emotional dysfunction.

Course Description

Cost: Only 1840 francs
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A strong grounding in the fundamentals of art and design is essential to any career in Entertainment Design, which is why we are pleased to introduce our most hands-on course to date. If ever you’ve struggled to sculpt the musculature of somebody deep in thought or to navigate the limbs of a couple getting a little too frisky atop a plinth, then this is the course for you. It’s especially suited to artists with limited available time for study. Need to submit your work but haven’t had the time to add an upper torso? Pas de problème. Or maybe you’ve slavishly modeled a realistic human nose only to smash the end off after a night out on the absinthe? Congratulations, you’ve already begun to master advanced sculpting the Auguste Rodin way.

In keeping with CGMA’s policy of working with instructors who bring a wealth of experience and are in tune with current trends, our instructor for this course is currently making waves in Europe thanks to an ultra-modern 19th-century approach. Auguste’s series of classes focus heavily on sculpting using strong and sensual poses, communicating emotion through physicality, and anatomical accuracy through a technique known to those in the know as je ne sais quoi. Upon completion of the course, students will possess the necessary skills to grow an especially long hipster beard and pursue a career in Paris, France, posthumously having a museum named after them.

Please note: due to extreme time zone differences, the instructor for this class will not be available for Q&A via normal online channels. The instructor will instead deliver all course content with the aid of a Black Beret Classique.


Understanding of anatomy, fluency in French. Students must ship samples from a sculpting portfolio at least 4 weeks before the enrollment deadlines. Please do not send artworks over 2.5 tonnes.


  • Clay
  • Bronze
  • Marble